Friday, November 19, 2010

Writing my story

Its nearly 3 in the morning now, and Im still awake.. suddenly felt like writing blog again, its been awhile since the last time I updated my blog..

Been looking back these few months, n ofcos, the broke up. I am so glad that I'm happier now. I am so thankful that ppl around me are giving me so much support, care and love.. You guys made me worth loving .. :)

Was once so blind in love... I should see earlier that you were never good for me , but i guess its never too late to realize..After all, I guess its really over, and Im finally getting better... :)
Still rmb how my mates were telling me it was not worth it, I shouldnt cry for him... I guess I didnt really cry for him, I cried for myself.., becos Id allowed him to take me for granted.. I cried becos I had underestimate myself, for not loving myself enough, and for letting him to stepped on my self-esteem again and again..I was so weak..

Slapped me right on my face...was a good one, so that I could wake up and open up my eyes ... Thank you, for walking away from me whenever you wanted and there was nothing I could say.. More than you ever know, I think Im really better off without you..
So if I seem a little bit cold, it only means that you've lost the hold you had on me.. "Enough is enough" I guess I could understand this very well already.. :)

I love my family and friends even more now, because they are the one who always by ur side when you are lost and down.. Yw, Lc.. thx for accompany me during my most difficult period...I will rmb u guys, and I will nv leave u guys behind when you guys have problems.. and J, T and S, u guys were awesome as well..T u are full of "yi hei", and J the philosopher... :p  and ofcos my comrades and sisters...I am just so lucky to have all of you by my side...

Transformation ---  Ive tried alot of new things that I tot I didnt like it ... Like paintball, skytrex, jungle tracking, gym, and MORE coming! I love it!! I love it all ^^... I enjoy meeting new ppl, doing new things, looking for new experience.. :D  .. Tell u a secret ;p gonna start learning dancing very soon! weeeee~~ this is what I always wanted..besides music, I LOVE to dance!  I think I love dancing more than music... But nt gonna tell my parents that I gonna take dance lessen (becos they dont really like it ) >< ..

Again Wwweeeeeee~~~ I love every moment of NOW.... :)

*** I am writing the story of my life one moment at the lets enjoy the beauty of NOW ^^