Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My solo trip

Some of my friends thought I was out of my mind, some thought I was emo, some thought I was , I just want a small breakthough, a special experience, a different discovery, for myself :)

At the begining of 2011, I chose to travel alone for the very first time to bangkok. I've never left my country on my own..It was a very excited trip for me, plus abit worries..

I got to say, traveling in a total foreign country on your own, this undescribable..
It was full of excitements, fun, well as lonesome, worried, and for me, maybe abit of homesick :)

Walking around on the street with a back bag, was holding a map on my hand, and a notepad with all the research I did back home....Camera on my hand, just snap anything that I want along the way .. I was thinking, before I came to bangkok, there were friends telling me that it gonna be dangerous to travel alone there, told me what would happen to me, its not gonna be safe..etc..But wala!!  "I'm here!" ^^ Despite all these sayings, I was finally in bangkok..

1st day, reached bangkok airport bout 11am.. Took the airport rail link and BTS to Siam & National Stadium Station.. Didnt book a room in advance, was hoping to get a room in Lub-d (last min changed from Khao San Road to Siam >< )  * Crossed fingers *

Luckily, I got a bed in female dorm, for round RM50 for a nite..Lub-d was definately a nice place, clean toilets, modern, nice n comfortable bed :) ..Not to forget to mention, I gt to on9 usin thier comp anytime, for free! ;p (that was hw i update myself to my frens in msia thru fb everyday :) )

Lub-D !!

Went to Siam Square and a few other shopping malls around.. A friend of mine told me that I must try this MOS burger when I reach bangkok. So basically I was looking for this MOS burger(that I had no idea where n how it looks like) for my lunch.. >< Just before I wanted to give up looking for it, I suddenly saw the restaurant right at the corner :) ..   I was starving my gosh !. Couldnt wait to have a taste of MOS burger, since LC highly recommended to me ^^

I ordered a ginger pork rice burger.. It was not that bad, it some how reminded me bout my mom's ginger pork meat .. :p

This is man yin!! A close friend of mine back home :)  Such an coincidence we were both in the same restaurant!! 

At first I saw a bunch of girls sitting a few tables away (well that time the place was kinda empty) , and heard them speaking cantonese.. I tot they were from hongkong.. But I heard a familiar voice..when I looked at the table, to my surprise I saw man yin !! I called up to her excitedly, and she was really shocked to see me as well.. haha..That was my first few hours in bangkok, and her last few hours in bangkok(be4 goin to the airport) .. What an coincidence :)

 Dont worry..I nv had any of those ><

I definately miss mango stickly rice !!!

Definately enjoyed shopping over here.. Im nt kidding!! Whole day I could just walked walked walked around all the malls for my Chinese New Year cloths! ^^

 Jacky Chan in bangkok??

 Went to Art Gallery in Siam!!!

Absolutely full of creativity ..


Places that I went to ^^


I really had a good time here... Definately will come back again :) (for shopping ofcos !! ^^ ) 
Had great time learning to do things alone, esxpecially in a foreign country...:)'s my next destination? ;p..hehe

My "last dinner" in bkk...(airport >< )
Last photo be4 off on plane :)